This is final part of my article about Permitted Development,

following on from my blogs of the last two months.  

This time I am considering outbuildings.

Outbuildings – Permitted Development:

•    It is permitted to construct any type of outbuilding for the use and enjoyment of the home as long as they do not cover a total of more than 50% of the garden space. In Scotland this is area is reduced to 30%.
•    In Wales and Northern Ireland any outbuildings closer to the house than 5m are deemed to be extensions. In Scotland any outbuildings larger than 4m² and closer to the dwelling than 5m are counted as extensions.
•    Outbuildings must only be single storey and have a maximum ridge height of 4m for a pitched roof or 3m for any other type of roof. The eaves height must be no more than 2.5 metres.
•    If the outbuilding is closer to the boundary than 2m then it should be no higher than 2.5m.
•    No outbuilding can be constructed in front of the original dwelling. In Wales and Northern Ireland this applies unless the resulting building would be more than 20m from the road.

If you are considering any such improvements or conversions in the Gloucester area, do give me a call on 01452 372229 and I’ll be happy to chat through your ideas.