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I came across an interesting article in The Guardian recently concerning a development of prefabricated or modular two and three bedroomed, fully fitted houses that are available from a Yorkshire factory for between £65,000 and £79,000 each.

I know that it is not easy finding a suitable plot to self-build a home as more and more people decide it is a viable option and potential sites are snapped up. Here are a few tips explaining how to spot a plot.

I was interested to hear roads minister Jesse Norman state that the Department of Transport intends introducing a new five year plan for the maintenance of local roads. 

In his recent budget the chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced that £30bn would be allocated for road schemes, including £420m to tackle the nationwide pothole problem.

I am sure you are aware of the downturn in business for our High Street retailers as every month we seem to lose a nationwide name. However, the increase in online shopping has had one positive effect on the construction industry – an increase in demand for sheds!

I am not advocating anyone getting involved in a scam but if you watch and enjoy programmes and films such as BBC’s Hustle, The Usual Suspects or The Sting then you’ll love this true story.

Back in 1919 skyscrapers were all the rage in America and an enterprising contractor called J D McMahon announced he was going to build one in the booming town of Wichita Falls in Texas.

I fear that the fallout following the collapse of Carillion, the UK’s second largest construction company, will be felt throughout the industry with many small businesses severely hit.

The problem is simple; if Carillion’s suppliers do not get paid then they will struggle to keep going and the worry is that many will go bust.

You may think it is cold here in Gloucestershire, with a smattering of snow making things look very seasonal, but other parts of the UK have been experiencing extreme weather conditions. Luckily civil engineering teams throughout the country have leapt into action.

• The West Midlands saw nearly 100,000 homes without power overnight on Monday. By mid-morning Tuesday, however, Western Power Distribution had fully restored supply to 99,500 customers. Their engineering teams continued to work throughout the day dealing with incidents such as fallen trees bringing down power lines.

I think we are all aware that these days it is pretty essential that any commercial business premises should be flexible. In fact modern buildings are designed to be readily adaptable and easily converted to a variety of uses.

We here at Regency Construction have many years of experience in carrying out conversions in existing commercial and industrial premises throughout Gloucestershire and we can fulfil even the most complicated contracts.