If you are looking to add an exciting new element to your home, a conservatory could be a perfect choice. There are many benefits to adding one to your property, take a look at them below.

Variety of styles

There are a great variety of conservatory styles out there such as Victorian, Georgian, Gable, Lean-to and Lantern. Finding the perfect conservatory that not only compliments your home but also is a design you love is easier now than ever. Whether you require a traditional style or bespoke style, we are more than happy to help find a design that works best for you.

Add property value

A conservatory is as beneficial to your property as any other renovation, extension or adaptation. It not only adds character to your home but also adds value. Conservatories are incredibly desirable as they offer extra space, views and light all of which make brilliant unique selling points when listing your house.

Simple solution

Conservatories may be a more appropriate solution to your needs than perhaps an extension. A conservatory can be installed in a fraction of the time it would take to complete an extension. Certain conservatories can be built without planning permission however, this is only the case if you meet specific conditions and limits of permitted development

Increases living space

Adding a conservatory is a great way to create more living and recreational space within your home. Perhaps you would like a studio, a home gym, or a place to dine? Whatever your intended use, a conservatory allows you to have that extra space that is very important in everyday life.

Health benefits

There are wonderful health benefits that come with adding a conservatory to your property. The addition of extra doors and windows increases airflow, the increase of exposure to sunlight helps circadian rhythm and the addition of indoor plants/vines can directly benefit your mental health.

Conservatories allow you to add more life and a unique quality to your property. The extra space within your home can be tailored to benefit you directly. Here at Regency Contracting, we pride ourselves on creating the perfect addition to our clients’ homes! Why not look at our portfolio today?  No query is too big or small. Contact us by calling 01425 372229 or email info@regencycontracting.co.uk.