Building your perfect home is an aspiration for many. If you are fortunate enough to be able to make this dream a reality, you may be now taking your first steps on this journey. It can feel rather daunting but, this process can be incredibly exciting when you are prepared and planned.

Here are 4 helpful tips to help you with your journey to building your dream home, we hope they help!

1.     Location & Land

When planning to build your perfect home, you must find a plot of land that is in a location you love and works well for any lifestyle commitments you may have. If you have children, you may like to find a piece of land near a school, play area or leisure centre. Maybe you enjoy having access to great social spots like shops, cafés and cinemas? Then a city plot might be more for you. Or perhaps you like the idea of being out in the open, somewhere surrounded by greenery. No matter where your plot is, make sure it is right for you.

It is also worth noting that you will need to get planning permission for your dream home. Factor in any surrounding houses, as often there can be issues with windows, height and proximity imposing on your neighbours. This could mean your planning application may get refused.

It is also worth checking before buying your land, whether it is a conservation area. This requires you to follow certain rules and regulations if you do choose to build on it.

2.     Budget & Finance

Setting yourself a reasonable budget will help you throughout your building journey. Be realistic, honest and open to having some wiggle room on that budget in case of unexpected costs. It may be worth considering applying for a Self-Build mortgage, to help fund your project.

Keep a note of all costs you make along the way, this is a great way of keeping on track with your spending. It will also allow you to see where you could potentially make some savings whether by doing the work yourself or by choosing not to include something in the end build.

Any paperwork and bills should be kept safe. Should you ever have issues down the line, these documents are great for proof of purchase and can provide proof of warranty on certain things.

3.     Architect & Builder

Choosing the right architect and builder to complete your project is a key part of planning and building your dream home. Finding a designer who can factor in all your needs, wants and desires whilst following approved planning guidelines is vital. This is also a great stage to find sources of inspiration to help you conceptualise your new home. A great designer will also provide you with creative concepts and solutions! They should factor in the best way to utilise the space you have.

When looking for your builders, be sure to pick a trusted, reliable and experienced company. You want to be reassured that when building your dream home, everything is being run smoothly, legally and safely.

4. Finishing Touches

Once your dream home has been built, it is important to bring more of your personality into the home. It is just a shell, so it needs to be full of everything that you love. The exterior style could be replicated in the interior or you could choose a completely different style. Complete all your rooms with furnishings that bring you comfort and joy.

Here at Regency Contracting, we appreciate just how valuable your custom is. Our experienced team focuses on completing every project effectively and efficiently. We are more than happy to take on your new build and factor in everything that you would like for your perfect home.

Our friendly team is always open to hearing any queries you may have regarding building your new build. We understand that every project is different and every client has their own specific requirements. That is why we take the time to listen so that we can deliver the best service and give our clients results that they will love.

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