This is a follow up to my blog last month about Permitted Development.

This time I am looking at extensions.

Extensions – Permitted Development:

• You can extend a detached dwelling by 8m to the rear if it is single storey or 3m for a double storey.
• Semi-detached and terraced homes can be extended up to 6m to the rear of the property if single storey.
• There are height restrictions but essentially a single storey extension should not be higher than 4m to the ridge and the eaves, and ridge heights of any extension should not be higher than the existing property.
• Two storey extensions must not be closer than 7m to the rear boundary.
• It must be built in the same or similar material to the existing dwelling.
• Extensions must not go forward of the building line of the original dwelling.
• Side extensions must be single storey with a maximum height of 4m and a width of no more than half of the original building.
• In Designated Areas side extensions require planning permission and all rear extensions must be single storey.
• An extension must not result in more than half the garden being covered.
• You can only do it once and the original building is either as it was on 1st July 1948 or when it was built.

Next month I will take a look at how Permitted Development affects outbuildings.

If you are considering any such improvements or conversions in the Gloucester area, do give me a call on 01452 372229 and I’ll be happy to chat through your ideas.