Generally speaking I am in favour of technology and the way it can make our lives easier. Drone technology, for example, has plenty of uses in the construction industry from security aspects to site surveying.

I read recently about the rise of robot bricklayers, however, and I wonder if this is a step too far?

A few years back an American firm, Construction Robotics, unveiled SAM, the semi-automated mason. This bricklaying robot is able to lay 5,000 bricks a day, some six times as many as the average human brickie.

My understanding is that large construction firms have started using SAMs for projects such as laying pre-assembled bricks for paving, for example.

Obviously, the robot needs to be overseen and supervised and it cannot be utilised on every site. However, it is another sign of automation taking away jobs, in a similar way to automated supermarket checkouts.

Innovation is all around us and we cannot stop progress. I am sure that robot brickies will make some construction jobs easier and quicker, resulting in a cheaper cost to the client.

But I do wonder about quality. Bricklaying is a specialised job that can’t necessarily me rushed if you want a top quality finish so for me the jury is out.

In the meantime, if you are in Gloucestershire and are happy to have a human bricklayer working on your commercial, industrial or domestic construction project then do give us a call on 01684 772935 or 07885 293791.