More and more of us are working from home these days.

However, it isn’t always practical to use a room in the house. You may need peace and quiet or you may disturb others with your racket! If you’ve got a reasonably sized garden, however, you could always have a garden room built.

A lot of people will immediately think ‘shed’, but these days’ garden rooms are so much more than that. They can incorporate electricity, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. They are also suitable for a variety of uses.

The most popular is as an office, especially as so many more people are becoming self-employed and working from home. Home offices are the most popular choices for garden rooms for working but they are by no means the only uses.

The room could just as easily be used as a studio or workshop. So why not consider having a garden room built. Regency Contracting is one of Gloucestershire’s most experienced and trustworthy builders, and would be happy to discuss your requirements and designs.
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