What features will we be including in the houses we build in the future?

Ones with swimming pools, good hiding places and potential for tree houses, if the nation’s children have anything to do with it!

London estate agency Chestertons surveyed 3,000 house hunting parents with children aged between 5 and 10. They asked the parents and the children which were the top five items their new house must have. The results were … surprising!

 Adult Top Five Wants:

1. Good location near good schools – 47%
2. Spacious living room – 35%
3. Original features eg fireplaces – 22%
4. Off road parking – 18%
5. Garage – 15%

Kids Top Five Wants:

1. Tree house or potential to build one – 51%
2. Swimming pool – 43%
3. At least three good hiding places – 28%
4. Rooms for pets – 24%
5. Large bedrooms – 16%

That’s right – at least three good hiding places.

The children were also asked some other property related questions which produced these answers:

• At what age do you expect to buy your first home? The average answer estimated 19 (whoops).
• How much do you think a three bedroomed house will cost? The average reply was £3,000 (double whoops!).
• What are ‘house deeds’? 70% thought they were household chores such as DIY.
• What is the ‘property ladder’? A ladder for reaching high places around the home, thought 86%
• What is a property ‘investment’? 54% were convinced it meant you had to wear a vest at home.

Construction is not, perhaps fortunately, child’s play. 

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