Steel Cladding

Steel Cladding In Gloucester

Just like we need clothes to layer ourselves and be protected from the cold, buildings need layers too. This is known as cladding. It is a steel layer that provides protection and adds aesthetic appeal to the building.

Many industrial buildings opt for steel cladding in Gloucester as a covering. Apart from buildings, this cladding can be added anywhere such as warehouses, factories, studios, and workshops.

Here are all the advantages you can enjoy from steel cladding a unit.

#1. Lightweight

Steel cladding panels are extremely lightweight. This is why they are the most widely used option among industrial buildings and factory units. The lightness makes it easy to install and transport somewhere else.

This way you can add the panels anywhere you like. We, at Regency Contracting Ltd, provide the most lightweight yet strong solution for all your steel cladding needs.

#2. Protection

Steel cladding in Gloucester adds a layer of protection to any building or unit it has been attached to. The exterior of buildings is exposed to many elements such as changing weather conditions, moisture, sun, pollution, and much more.

Long-term exposure to these elements can harm the building's structural integrity. However, steel cladding provides a layer that protects the building from these harmful elements.

#3. Requires Little Maintenance

Steel cladding is the best option because it requires very little maintenance. If you choose cladding made from other materials then you will have to repair them frequently.

This is because steel is extremely resistant when it comes to changing weather conditions and harmful elements present in the air. This is why it is also the most durable and practical solution.

However, you will have to maintain its aesthetic appeal so it can look good from the outside. For this, you will only have to clean the cladding once in a while so it can shine.

#4. Non-Combustible

Long-term exposure to heat can be a fire hazard for many materials. This is why we at Regency Contracting Ltd only use the best non-combustible steel cladding.

This means that it will not combust and protect your building. However, do remember that it is not exempt from fire regulations. You still have to follow all of those.

It just means that the steel cladding itself won’t combust due to the heat outside.

#5. Strength And Durability

Steel cladding in Gloucester is one of the strongest options for any building. Its resistant nature makes it versatile enough to install anywhere. Another advantage of its resistant nature is the fact that your building can enjoy the benefits from it for a long time.

This will increase the lifespan of your building as well since it won’t be exposed to harmful elements.

Why Hire Us?

We provide the best steel cladding in Gloucester. Our experts have decades of knowledge and experience in this field that you will not find anywhere else. Our cladding is durable, efficient, strong, and protective.

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