You might that think that with all the adverse coverage they receive

on television and in the newspapers that cowboy builders are a thing of the past. Sadly, that’s far from the case as many of them are still operating across the country.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has highlighted some of the give-away signs that might indicate your builder is not all he seems:

  • He offers a very cheap quote or estimate. This is a good indication that he either doesn’t know his trade or is planning to rip you off.
  • He is reluctant to provide a written quotation. If he is not a legitimate business, he will not have paid for business stationery. In any case, it is a good indication that he is not intending to stick to his quote.
  • He is unwilling to provide references. If he can’t provide even one satisfied customer then there is something seriously wrong.
  • He is keen to crack on with the job straight away. This could mean that he has a number of jobs that he has begun but has no intention of completing to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • He claims to be in a trade association when he is not. If he makes such a claim, check it out.
  • He is reluctant to give details of his business, such as an address or landline number. If this is the case, then most likely he is not legitimate.
  • He claims to work for a company with a good reputation. Check it out.
  • He asks for money to be paid up front. Few reputable builders will do this these days, even if it is allegedly “for materials”. If he is that short of money, don’t let him get his hands on yours!
  • He only accepts cash. If this is the case, then he could well be fiddling the taxman and is untrustworthy.

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