We need more housing in this country – everyone says so.


It is estimated that we should be building 200,000 to 250,000 new houses a year to meet demand. At the moment, some 11,000 self-build homes are completed each year. Is self-build a viable answer?

 The major problem with any housebuilding project is finding the land to build it on. Obviously the larger the site the more houses can be built and economies of scale come into play. It is cheaper per house to connect a hundred houses on one site to mains drainage than it is to connect one hundred individual plots, for example. 

However, if you can find an individual plot, self-build can make good financial sense. A self-built house can be worth 25% more than the cost of building and land once completed, obviously dependent on location and keeping a tight rein on the budget.

It also gives the owner the chance to design a home for their own specific requirements and avoid looking like every other new house currently being constructed.

But it is not easy. There are numerous considerations and permissions that need to be considered, not least planning consent, architect drawn plans and complying with Building Regulations.

Regency Contracting, however, is one of Gloucestershire’s most experienced and trustworthy builders. We have years of experience of working with architects and local planning authorities and can also provide expert advice and guidance. In fact, we can take on the complete project and carry out the building for you as well. 

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