It is fifty years since Neil Armstrong took those significant steps on the surface of the moon and technology has come a long way since. I predict that there will be some significant changes in the way our homes are built in the very near future.

The traditional brick and block building methods have been in use for generations. The future will see more modular construction being incorporated. Already we are seeing an increase in the use of pre-built segments that have been constructed in a factory and this trend will continue to increase.

It means that houses can be constructed more quickly and home designs can be more personalised and bespoke.

There will also be an increase in the use of more sustainable materials and components. Many forward thinking architects are already moving towards more environmentally friendly designs.

With this in mind, you can also expect new homes to be more energy efficient. More buildings will incorporate solar panels and even wind turbines as the move towards renewable energies steps up.

As for heating there will be a move towards air source and ground source heat pumps. These absorb heat from the air or the ground and use a heat exchanger to transfer that into your home. It can then be utilised to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems and even water.

Better insulation will also become a feature with triple glazing becoming standard. These energy saving methods will also have the effect of keeping energy bills down.

And in fifty years’ time who knows where we will be – possibly building homes on the moon! Armstrong Avenue anyone?