The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors have reported that people

are now moving on average once every fourteen years or so, a considerable drop compared with previous surveys. It is also true that, although housing stock is increasing, fewer houses are being bought and sold. So what is happening?

Rather than have the expense of moving to a larger property, many families, especially those with children, are taking the opportunity to extend their existing property instead. There are a number of advantages to doing this:

•   Avoiding stamp duty and fees for estate agents, surveyors and solicitors.
•   You can stay in a neighbourhood you already know and like
•   Children will not have to change schools
•   You are adding value to your existing property

In addition, under the 2013 Permitted Development rules many extensions do not now require planning consent from the local authority. 

So, whether you are considering a loft conversion or a kitchen extension, adding a conservatory or a two storey side extension, you are well advised to contact an experienced local building contractor

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