Whatever your building project, be it domestic, commercial or industrial,

you need to be certain you’re employing a competent builder. The consequences of not taking the time in your selection process are not worth thinking about as we’ve seen all too often in the media.

A custom home built about 10 years ago was discovered to have a major construction defect. The architecture was unusual, with the second story being cantilevered past the outer walls of the first story. In the second-floor rooms where the floors extend beyond the lower story, the floors were not insulated, and these rooms became very cold during winter. The lack of insulation was discovered when the occupants noticed leaks from frozen pipes in the floor. When they told the builder about the missing insulation, he said: “Just turn your heat up and wear socks.” How could the builder have gotten away without installing the correct floor insulation? Had the insulation been missed in a few places, this might be regarded as a mistake. That it was omitted at the entire perimeter of the building indicates questionable intent or incompetence. As for liability, 10 years is usually the cutoff point for statutes of limitations, but this can vary.

No such issues would exist if you employed the skills and resources of Regency Contracting who pride themselves on complying with the very latest bulding regulations.