I know many people are deciding to utilise their existing properties rather than move somewhere new.

In these uncertain times the phrase often heard is ‘don’t move – improve.’

One obvious way of creating more space is to convert your property’s garage. As a building designed originally to house a car, a garage tends to be long and narrow. However, with a bit of imagination, some exciting new living areas can be created.

• Open plan living room – the removal of any internal walls can really open a space up. Adding a roof lantern, skylight or some fixed floor to ceiling glazing can make this a light and airy living area.
• Kitchen diner set to impress – if the garage abuts the main property, you might consider creating a new kitchen diner. This is an excellent option if the garage is actually next to the kitchen as it solves the long, narrow room problem and the services are all readily accessible. A utility room is another good option for an adjoining garage.
• Extend above the garage conversion – you will need to factor in the space taken up by a staircase, but this is an ideal way of getting a two storey extension.
• Play area, games room or music room for kids and teens – they can be noisy, to put it mildly. With their own converted space you can almost forget they are there, until they come in at mealtimes!

There are plenty of other options such as a home gym, office or man cave. Just remember that some conversions may require planning consent from your local authority.

If you are planning a garage conversion in the Gloucestershire area we can help. Give me a call on 01452 372229 to discuss your plans and how we can make them happen.