You may think it is cold here in Gloucestershire,

with a smattering of snow making things look very seasonal, but other parts of the UK have been experiencing extreme weather conditions. Luckily civil engineering teams throughout the country have leapt into action.

• The West Midlands saw nearly 100,000 homes without power overnight on Monday. By mid-morning Tuesday, however, Western Power Distribution had fully restored supply to 99,500 customers. Their engineering teams continued to work throughout the day dealing with incidents such as fallen trees bringing down power lines.

• Highways England had teams working round the clock to keep motorways and major A roads clear. The gritting lorries were spreading brine as this activates salt more quickly. They used modern technology such as weather stations and road condition data to correctly assess the mix amounts of brine and salt needed for different road and weather conditions.

• The snow saw rail services affected, particularly in the West Midlands, and there were several incidents of trees falling onto tracks. However, Network Rail soon had teams in action clearing snow as well as deploying cold weather vehicles and specialist machines such as snow and ice treatment trains fitted with snow ploughs, hot-air blowers, steam jets, brushes, scrapers and heated track de-icer.

All-in-all I think you would agree that the country was kept moving, thanks to these dedicated people. A Merry Christmas to them and to you all from the team here at Regency Construction.