Single storey steel buildings
 make up by far the largest sector of the UK

structural steelwork market, comprising some 60% in total. These buildings are incredibly versatile and have a variety of uses, including workshops, factories, industrial and distribution warehouses and artists’ studios, as well as many types of retail and leisure uses.

Commonly known as sheds, because of the sparse internal finishing, these buildings vary in size from small workshops of a few hundred square metres to incredible distribution warehouses of one hundred thousand square metres or more.

One of the qualities of these steel framed buildings is the speed with which they can be constructed. Often the structural steel components are pre-fabricated off site and any protective coatings required can also be added at this stage. The framework can then be quickly and easily assembled on site and, as the building is made weather tight so quickly, other trades such as electricians and plumbers can begin carrying out their own jobs straight away.

In our modern age of sustainability it is good to know that these single storey steel structures are environmentally friendly. They are constructed to factory standards and conditions, which means there is minimal waste, with any off cuts recycled as scrap. On site the main task is assembly, so again there is minimal waste.

If required, these buildings are easily dismantled. This allows the frame to be utilised at another site or the steel can be recycled in other projects or as scrap. 

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