A recent Home Improvement Report carried out on behalf of Barclays

found that the by far the most desirable home improvement was a designer kitchen. If you are considering a new fitted kitchen, here are some things you need to avoid:

1. Don’t obstruct the kitchen triangle. This is the area between the sink, stove and fridge and, as it is where most traffic occurs, it pays to keep access as clear as possible.
2. Don’t waste storage space. Storage in a kitchen is vital and good planning is essential to make the most of your cupboards and units.
3. Don’t skimp on worktops. One of the biggest complaints about kitchens is the lack of worktop space so don’t be caught out.
4. Avoid poor lighting. Good lighting is essential for food preparation if only to avoid cutting off fingers with super sharp knives.
5. Make sure you have a back splash. This is often left out for budgetary considerations but that really is a false economy. Even better, ensure it is included not only at the sink but above worktops too. It is far easier to wipe clean than paint or paper. 
6. Don’t forget good ventilation. A good quality ventilation system will remove last night’s cooking smells and also improve the quality of the air in the room.
7. Don’t forget recycling. These days we all need to manage our rubbish so make sure you have space for your various sorting bins.
8. Don’t ignore the professionals. Trying to manage and carry out the work yourself may seem a way of saving costs but in the long run could prove disastrous and expensive. For such a major project it pays to use the up to date knowledge and expertise of a specialist kitchen designer.

In the Gloucester area one of the best kitchen design companies is Regency Contracting. They will be happy to discuss your plans and outline the best way of bringing them to fruition. They can be contacted on 01452 372229 or visit their website: www.regencycontracting.co.uk