What could be more exciting than creating a new home from a building

originally designed for a completely different use!

Converting an old industrial building, church or barn can be a complicated project but the often unique new homes that are ultimately created are usually worth the time, money and effort. The key to a successful conversion is to work with the existing building in terms of design and materials, rather than aim for something completely new. After all, the object is surely to maintain the character of the original structure.

Here are a few introductory suggestions:

  • Barn conversions – these are one of the most popular types of development and as such there are strict planning guidelines to be followed, especially relating to the exterior of the property. Original materials should be used wherever possible. For example, you will usually not be able to alter the roofline and openings, such as doorways and windows, need to be kept in line with the originals. Interiors can be stunning however, incorporating glass ceilings, steel and timber.
  • Industrial buildings – converted factories or warehouses might not present the most attractive of options but they do provide a way of creating substantial living accommodation in an urban environment. Attractive interiors incorporating existing beams and pillars can once again be the key. Residential use is encouraged on brownfield sites so planning consent may be easier than in other cases.
  • Churches – the Victorians were notorious for building churches which were not even full during the 1800s. Decommissioned buildings offer an opportunity for designing a unique home, although some features such as existing windows and doors may be required to be preserved.
  • Other opportunities – redundant schools are another option, or perhaps a lighthouse and who could forget the converted windmill in the Jonathan Creek series? 

Any such conversions will require planning consents, need to comply with building regulations and also have to have detailed plans drawn up. Regency Contracting is one of the most experienced conversion companies in the Gloucester area and, in conjunction with local architects, can provide a superb one-stop service. They will be happy to discuss your plans and make constructive suggestions. Contact them on 01452 372229 or visit their website: www.regencycontracting.co.uk