10 reasons why you should use Regency Contracting in Gloucester

and avoid the pitfalls of hiring a builder or building company that isn’t accredited.

1. Is your chosen builder screened for identity, reputation and creditworthiness?
Who is your builder or building company? Does he/them actually exist? What assets do they have and is there any records of previous trading? What is their credit rating or financial status? Is the builder insolvent or at risk of insolvency? Do you need a personal written guarantee or contract from the director, proprietor or company owner?

2. Has an effective detailed contract been drawn up or considered before you start?
Has the costs, timescale to complete the work, design and plans been done and fully defined? Is the contact suitable to cover the project? Have essential terms been incorporated to keep you in control of the project

3. Payment terms.
The building company gets their guarantees of payment and rights through the contract, where how and when payment is made. Advance payments can leave you high-and-dry when it comes to getting the project completed on schedule – or at all!. Never pay for anything up front. Pre-agreed interim payments should be avoided and interim costs ascertained on the work done only.

4. Quality control.
Rubble and waste buried where it shouldn’t be? Plastering over to cover up rather than repair, prepare and plaster? Uncertified electrical and gas work? Unsuitable materials and products not fit for purpose? Essential parts and procedures missed out leading to collapse, cracking and failure? Shortfalls in products and workmanship?

5. Will the work be completed to your satisfaction and handed over on time?
Is there a start and completion date outlined in the contract? Is there a liquidated damages clause in the contract to charge the builder for lateness or delays on completion? Is their a daily overrun fee agreed with the builder? (Within reason of delays beyond his control)

6. Is there a defects correction procedure and retention clause incorporated into the contract?
If the situation arises that the work is complete and the building in use, there are defect problems that the builder refuses to fix, what do you do? Incorporate into the contract a defects correction procedure and a retention clause, retaining a portion (normally 5%) of the total sum due to the builder. A defects period is stated as say 6 or 12 months in which the builder has to rectify defects and the retention can be held interest free. The defects procedure should also include a clause for you to employ another builder to complete the work and the original building companies expense.

7. Ensure design insurance and guarantees are obtained.
If you have a mortgage lender these are likely to be imposed on you in any event, but again the contract can impose this requirement as a condition to completion. If major problems occur at a later date the blame can be leveled at the designer or the builder, covering both aspects with insurance and guarantees can help rectify the problems.

8. Termination and suspension of works are legally administered if necessary.
If the builder does not perform or progress the work properly a correctly drawn up contract clause is required so as to dispense with the builder, supplement the works and employ others at the builders expense. Damages can be recovered and prevented effectively should anything go wrong.

9. Is an effective adjudication procedure is available should disputes arise?
If your claim against the builder is greater than £10,000, with no ADR clause such as adjudication in the contract, your only option is Court. If the builder or building company is in financial ruin, this can prolong the timescale to reach a satisfactory conclusion for months and even years. 

10. The formality of using a third party professional stops unruly behaviour!
Using a third party professional instantly makes the builder take matters seriously. Negotiations, directions and control all become easier and more effective.

To avoid your building work falling into any of these pitfalls, employ an accredited, professional and reliable company. Contact Regency Contracting today on 01452 372229 or visit our website at www.regencycontracting.co.uk