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Generally speaking, the building of a conservatory or sun room onto a residential property does not need planning permission, but we will check this for you as all situations are not the same, as I’m sure you are aware.

Furthermore conservatories/sunrooms on most residential properties are do not require Building Regulations.

Under the Building Regulations 1991 (as amended). These criteria must be met for a conservatory extension to be classified as exempt:

  • The extension has a completely transparent or translucent roof.
  • The extension walls are substantially glazed. Must have at least half the area of the walls formed of windows. Must have at least three-quarters of the area of the roof formed of glazing, polycarbonate sheets or similar translucent material.
  • The extension has a floor area not exceeding 30m squared.
  • The extension is sited at ground level.
  • The extension is permanently separated from the remainder of the property by means of a door.
  • Any radiator within the conservatory is controllable. (If fixed heating installations are proposed, they should have their own separate temperature and on/off controls).
  • The glazing satisfies the requirements of part N, Schedule 1 (toughened/safety glass).
  • The extension does not contain any drainage facilities. (i.e. sink, WC, or washing machine)

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