To avoid these hazards, it is important to employ a regulated

and professional building contractor like Regency Contracting in Gloucester

Have you chosen the right builder for your project?

Herea are 6 “tell Tale” signs that will alert you to an irresponsible builder because they will do one or more of the folllowing:

– They will be on the site only for a few hours a day because they’ll usually be visiting other contracts or pursuing their own interests elsewhere – but will leave no one with sufficient skills or ability to run the contract in their absence.

– They can be found to lack basic skills to handle certain aspects of the project and has no one available on their staff that can do these things, e.g. to build an arch.

– They employ half or quarter skilled site staff who can never be described as artisans, who work painfully slowly, producing work of appalling quality. Such site staff also seem to spend a great deal of time in arguments with their work mates and will probably produce walls that are not 100% straight and plaster that is uneven, will install light fittings at unspecified points, will be unable to hang a door so that it swings properly and will lay tiles so that the pattern is irregular and displeasing to the eye. They are also quite likely to damage the work they have already installed because they have not been taught how to protect it.

– They will substitute cheap materials and fittings for those actually specified in the itineary and will produce multiple reasons why this became essential at a certain phase in the contract.

– Will over-claim (if not carefully monitored throughout the contract) for work done and then begin demanding ‘extra’ for work which in fact was part of the original contract.

– Finally, will quit the job before it is completed and refuse to return to deal with snag lists.