I was interested to hear roads minister Jesse Norman state

that the Department of Transport intends introducing a new five year plan for the maintenance of local roads. 

In his recent budget the chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced that £30bn would be allocated for road schemes, including £420m to tackle the nationwide pothole problem.

Norman said that local roads were of immense importance to communities and that their social value was vital. “I absolutely understand the importance of local roads, their importance to local communities and social value, as well as treating them as what they are: one of the country’s most valuable assets,” he said.

Quoted on the New Civil Engineer website, he added “There is massive untapped energy at all local levels. We are not imposing schemes on people. We want to listen to people on the ground in local councils, enterprise partnerships, local institutions and companies and to be guided by them.”

No date has been announced for when these plans might be published however.