Some will say that engineering isn’t a laughing matter but I’m not sure they are right.

To support my claim seven engineers recently took to the stage at a London venue and put on an engineering themed evening of comedy.

The show was called Engineering Showoff and was part of the Science Showoff initiative. It is sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering and has seen over 500 people take to the stage in the last four years to promote and communicate science in a variety of different ways.

Steve Cross is a scientist and engineer and compered the evening. He also provided training for the engineers on stagecraft and performance. Each of the engineers prepared a routine on topics of their choosing which ranged from civil engineering to breaking the land speed record in America.

Philippa Jefferis was the engineer who chose civil engineering and delivered a hilarious history of the subject. She commented that “friends who came, who have no connection with engineering, were telling me afterwards how interesting as well as funny they found the night and that they’d actually learnt something.”

The proceeds from the event went to the engineering charity Engineers Without Borders. Further events are planned for Cambridge and Bristol.

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